One of Spokane’s Best Caregivers

This week we recognize a local Company that specializes in an area that’s close to all our hearts.

Spokane Care Givers

Looking for that special care and attention that your elderly loved ones deserve? This locally owned business in Spokane Valley might just be the best geriatric health care providers in town. In today’s post, we will give an insightful review on Family First Senior Care and let us try to see if this company truly stands for its company name.
Family First is licensed by Washington State and is located in the safe and livable Spokane Valley and is currently owned by Jennipher Ama who is also its president after its acquisition of the Lighthouse Care Management Inc. assets. Since 2005, they have been fully operational and successful in providing the best in-home care services for seniors for 10 years and counting.

The best thing about this Caregiver Spokane Service, your elderly loved ones will be treated with warmth, kindness and the best care at the comfort of their own home. This kind of service will definitely have the seniors retain their sense of independency while being rest assured of getting well-taken care of at the same time with the best non-medical, in-home care and care management services offered for seniors in Spokane Valley. The In home care services that your loved ones will enjoy are inclusive of meal preparation, transportation, medication, bathing, companionship, light housekeeping and laundry, Post Hospital and even 24 hour care services. Aside from that, they also offer assessments in a client’s house with the help of their committed Registered Nurses who have been visiting families and working with them closely in providing the best care.

Currently, they have a dedicated and hardworking team of at least 70 Registered Nurses, Medical and Custodial Professionals, and Geriatric Care Managers who are more than happy to assist their clients and are willing to go above and beyond to make sure that all needs of the clients are fulfilled. Their employees have been scrutinized, screened thoroughly, bonded and insured to maintain the high quality standards of Geriatric Care. The staff at Family First Senior Care strongly believes being highly committed to Spokane. This is shown by their active participation of charitable events and activities for the benefit of Charitable Non-Government Organizations and Institutions in Spokane. This is their way as way of paying it forward and giving back to their wonderful community. This is backed up by their sound philosophy in providing the best care possible for their clients.

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Tennis Training or Lessons by Spokane’s Best

Meet Earl Blanchard – Spokane’s Elite Tennis Coach

Thanks to the fine sunny weather that we have in Spokane, we get to experience longer hours having fun outdoors than any other states can. Spokane is a good venue for Sports Enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. There are literally many things you can do under the Spokane sun.

Tennis Match

If you’re highly into sports, then I suggest that you try Tennis. It’s a great high endurance sports that offers a ton of benefits aside from fun and relaxation. It’s a great game that develops your strength, agility, flexibility and speed. This sport is a perfect fit for kids and adults who wants to maintain overall physical fitness. This sports is definitely a great way to stay fit and in shape because it provides a way to add up your aerobic abilities, bone density and even increase your metabolism. This will allow your bodies to burn up more fats, your muscles become toned and strong.

Tennis Pro

Tennis Coaching Spokane

Playing Tennis is also a great way to bond with the family, socialize and meet new people. There are also great people you can meet on the field who could give you valuable lessons and trainings on how to take your Tennis Playing Skills a notch higher. One of the best persons that you should meet when you are still trying to learn the sport is Tennis Coach Expert Earl Blanchard. He became a renowned Certified Tennis Coach in Spokane who is most sought after his years of experience with extensive Tennis trainings. Amateur and Professional Tennis Players would want to sign up for his holistic Tennis Lessons because aside from that, they can also teach you different things like making a great stroke, strength and endurance trainings, Mental Toughness, Weight Training, Yoga, Nutrition and Diet. Of course, it all depends on which areas you would want to develop further. You may either ask to incorporate one or two of these things in your Tennis trainings. Should you want to have a competitive edge in Tennis Events, you may want to incorporate these six lessons to hone you holistically during the Tennis Coaching.


Learning tennis on your own could sometimes be dangerous. Without proper training from the expert tennis coach, your likelihood of sustaining an injury could be great. A Tennis Coach not only guides you to keep you from getting hurt while you play, they are there to monitor the progress that you are making since day one.

I’d say, when you want proper training to ace your tennis events, go for the finest tennis trainers in Spokane. Earl Blanchard has a hardcore and dedicated team who is committed to give you an in-depth and total quality training and would never stop until they see you become a star in the Tennis Court. Earl and his team of Tennis Professionals are definitely the best persons that both novice and Tennis Pros can count on, especially those who are geared towards excellence and great achievements.

You may reach them through this contact number if you want to a free demo for their trainings. I don’t know about you, but as for me, I am off to buy my new Tennis Shoes since I’ve decided to trim off some fats in my belly. I shall be at the Tennis Court with Earl Blanchard pretty soon, and I’m super excited to see my perfectly toned body in no time.

Business Spokane

Spokane — not renowned for its business enterprises but you may be surprised to learn that it has a very vibrant economy. How about a little bit of information about Spokane to start with: Nestled in the north east border of Washington state., Spokane is an essential commercial, transportation and manufacturing hub for the region. Natural resources has been the most common economic trait for the location in recent years. However, the economy is beginning to become more diverse, including industries such as health, biotech and high-tech organizations.

Despite the recent diversification of Spokane’s economy, it remains among the most productive mining areas on the continent. In its early years, Spokane was well known for its’ trading link with Canada and other southern US settlements. Primarily focusing on the then very lucrative fur trade, Spokane was a rapidly expanding trading powerhouse.

Following it’s time as a trading outpost, gold and silver resources were found in the surrounding areas, leading to a boom in mining that is still present to this day. The resultant mining and trade made Spokane one of the wealthiest cities in Northern America for almost 100 years.

The 20th century has seen a shift to logging and related agricultural businesses. Planing mills are common place there are many say mills as well. The raw materials retrieved from foresting are turned into many useful products, such as paper, and exported across the Americas and the world.

At the turn of the century Spokane’s relative success and ever increasing expansion all but stopped. In fact, circa 1910 there was a contraction of Spokane’s population and influence within the region. A victim of its own success, many of Spokane’s main industries became saturated with large, national companies that we solely focused on profits. Investment into the local community suffered, stunting growth for a time.

In 1970s business and general growth was interrupted yet again — this time by US recession, one in 1970 the other in 1980. Spokane fared better than most, learning from previous mistakes, its governors saw the benefits of a diversified economy. By leveraging the benefits of counter-cyclical businesses, Spokane and its economy, while affected by the recession, was able to continue with minimal disruption. One of the most interesting innovations of note, and something that personifies Spokane’s dedication to technological opportunity, is the city’s ‘HotZone’. The HotZone is a 100-block wireless network, one of the largest of its kind in the United States of America.

Today, Spokane is host to some of the world’s largest organizations. Potlatch Corporation, Gold Reserve, Commuter Cars, Key Tronic, Cowles Publishing Company, Avista Utilities, Mountain Gear to name but a few.

The good news is that the local government are implementing plans to further improve economic growth. This is very good for business owners. hat’s more, they are planning to offer a business stimulus package for all new and aspiring business owners. So, if you were thinking of starting a business… now is the time to get involved.